Kreed Botanicals Concord, CA

Kreed Botanicals is an herbal shop located in Concord California.  We specialize in providing the highest quality, best value Kratom, Kava & Macha Green Tea.

4 Ways to Buy Kreed Botanicals Kratom, Kava & Matcha

We’re based out of Concord California, off of Clayton Road.
You can get our top quality product, at rock bottom prices by visiting the shop, scheduling an in-store pickup or

4 Ways to Buy from Kreed Botanicals

When you shop with us, we have 4 different ways to get your produc. 

Visit the Store & Buy at the Shop

Visit our store or schedule a pickup.

Ship Anywhere in the US or Canada

Yes, we’ll ship your product wherever you need it!

In-Store Pickup

Convenient pickup at our Concord location

Same Day Roadie Delivery

Get it delivered to you.

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