The largest city in Contra Costa County, Concord is home to over 122,000 people and is the 8th biggest city in the San Francisco Bay Area. Being such a large city, you’d think there would be a wide variety of retailers offering kratom at reasonable and affordable prices. However, other than Kreed Botanicals, there is no other retailer nearby that can offer premium kratom for such a bargain.

Scarcity of High Quality Kratom

Before Kreed Botanicals came to town, the only place to buy kratom in Concord was at a handful of local smoke shops. I’ve personally tried the kratom at these stores over the years and have been appalled at the lack of quality. Smoke shop kratom gave me headaches, did not last long, and had a grainy texture indicative of poor quality leaf filled with stem and vein. Most of the kratom in Concord smoke shops is not ground to an ultra fine powder and the grainy texture is all too common. The brands these shops carry clearly do not care about kratom quality one bit.

Paying More for Less

In addition, prices at smoke shops are grossly overpriced. Vendors sell kratom to these shops and they markup the price by 200-300% at times, making kratom prohibitively expensive. It is unacceptable. Why pay so much for kratom that is of low quality?

Time for a Change

This motivated me to start Kreed Botanicals and show Concord and the Bay Area what the gold standard of kratom is. Kreed Botanicals is an independent kratom company that cuts out the middleman and brings fresh, wild grown kratom directly to the customer. No outrageous markups, no shoddy quality kratom. Only top shelf, high quality kratom for a reasonable price. We want to go beyond Concord and eventually reach the entirety of the Bay Area. 

Who we Serve

Right now we deliver to Contra Costa, Alameda, and Solano County. Local kratom pickup is offered in Concord and Berkeley. Local pickup is when customers meet us at curbside where we can sell kratom to them. This allows them to avoid paying fees to have kratom delivered to their home or workplace. If you are in Concord or the Bay text or call us to order fresh, top quality kratom today!

Room for Growth

The Kratom Industry is still in its infancy and there is room for so much growth. Kreed Botanicals hopes to transform the industry and allow kratom to spread and flourish in the Bay Area. People deserve to know about such a miraculous, healing plant and we are passionate about spreading the word!

Disclaimer: This page is for general information and not to be considered as medical advice. This information is not intended to diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure any medical condition. Kreed Botanicals and its editors do not provide medical advice. 

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