Do you have some questions about Kratom? Let’s do a little research together, okay?

So what is Kratom? and where did it come from?

Kratom is a plant known as Mitragyna Speciosa and can be grown in Southeast Asia. You can find it in countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and many more. Kratom trees is very similar to the coffee tree, the plant grows and thrives in hot and humid places and will only be found in tropical forest.

What can Kratom used for?

There’s no medical claim on Kratom but people have reported to help them with pain relieves and boosting their moods. People also reported taking Kratom can help with calming or giving energy, depending on strains.

Pain Reliever. Kratom has different types of strain, all three being effective for treating and relieving chronic pain. These strains, white, green, and red, attach themselves to the body’s opioid receptors, thus relieving pain. 7-hydroxymitragynine, a compound present in kratom, is over 10 times more powerful than morphine’s effects. Compared to morphine and codeine, kratom is an atypical opioid.

Mood Booster. Kratom known to help induce euphoria and improve one’s mood. Been reported to treat opioid addiction. Moreover, it aids in lessening the symptoms of withdrawal from morphine and ethanol. Recent studies have also said that kratom has the possibility of being an antidepressant and a hunger suppressant.

How do I take Kratom?

In most countries of origin, people chew Kratom leaves straight from the plant, raw but that’s not the way the majority of Kratom users use to ingest them today. Here are some options:

Crushed Leaf. Traditionally used to make hot tea but does have a bitter aftertaste so it’s recommend to add honey or any type of sweetener.

Pills. Kratom powder packaged into a small capsule so it’s easier to take and can be taken everywhere you go.

Powder and Extracts.
Finely grounded Kratom powder, very similar to matcha powder.

Liquid. The Kratom leaves are extract to create a liquid form. Strong enough to help you for the day, very similar to taking an energy shot.


Strains List

Kratom does comes in different kinds of strains: RED, GREEN, and WHITE.


Red Horn | Red Thai | Red Elephant | Red Maeng Da | Red Bali | Red Borneo | Red Malay | Super Red Borneo | Red Sumatra


Green Horn | Green Thai | Green Elephant | Green Maeng Da | Green Bali | Green Borneo | Green Malay | Super Green Borneo | Green Sumatra


White Horn | White Thai | White Maeng Da | White Bali | White Borneo | White Malay | Super White Borneo | White Sumatra

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