Bumblebee Botanicals Kratom vs. Kreed Botanicals Kratom

Bumblebee botanicals kratom is very expensive, sold in smaller quantities and you can tell they have lots of overhead and have invested heavily into their marketing.

Kreed Botanicals provides kratom at lower prices and identical quality*

Kreed Botanicals provides kratom at lower prices and identical quality* to Bumblebee Botanicals

A Review of Bumblebee Kratom

How good is bumblebee kratom? Well, I’ve found that their quality is very much the same as we’re getting at Kreed Botanicals, as well as some of the other major shops like Cali Botanicals in Sacramento.

Bumblebee Kratom however, has decided to deliver smaller quantities at a much higher margin than the rest of us.

If you look at the prices in their shop on a given day, you’ll see that they charge between 30 and 75 cents per gram, while we’re just a fraction of that amount.

Bumblebee kratom comes in a beautiful little plastic bottle or container, and their shop is absolutely beautiful, but there’s not really any differentiator for quality other than the perceived overall quality due to packaging.

If you like to spend a little bit more and have a nicer bottle around your kratom, then maybe you’d prefer bumblebee kratom.

If you like the idea of a much better valued overall lower price, then we’d love you to check out the kratum at Kreed Botanicals here in Concord.

Kreed botanicals kratom vs. Bumblebee Kratom

The biggest difference is the price, and w’ere located on the north bay side, near Concord California.

Kreed Botanicals provides same day delivery, shipping, in store pickup and a regular shopping experience.

The kratom we tend to carry is of the highest quality (don’t we all say that, but we’re really serious about our quality), and we believe that people should be able to afford kratom.

WE’ve kept our overhead down along with our prices so that we’re able to deliver a better overall price.

If you’re looking for the best price on kratom in the San Francisco Bay Area, concord, Oakland Calirfornia or Berkeley, then head to Kreed Botanicals!

Another major place to buy Kratom in the San Francisco Bay area is bumblebee botanicals. Let’s talk a little bit of the difference between bumblebee botanicals Kratom and Kreed botanicals Kratom.

Kreed botanicals versus bumblebee botanicals

Bumblebee botanicals is a pretty cool little business and they have managed to establish a pretty substantial store footprint in California, Idaho, and a number of other cities.

Not only has bumblebee been able to sell Kratom in California and some other areas, but they have some fantastic branding and styling within their shops. 

Bumblebee Kratom Pricing vs. Kreed botanicals kratom pricing

who has the better pricing of simliar quality of kratom? Bumblebee Kratom pricing is not really listed on their website, but you can find this list of prices on their google reviews showing some recent prices. Obviously, the kratom prices at Bumblebee Bontanicals can change, and we might be wrong here, but we hope that bringing some clarity to the bumblebee botanicals kratom pricing, we’ll be able to show our overall strength as a company.

We’re not just a cheaper option compared to the kratom at bumbelbee botanicals, we’re almost identical quality, if not higher quality no how you measure it.

Kreed Botanicals Kratom Pricing:

25g = 11$ or 44 cents a gram
250 grams = $40 or 16 cents a gram
500G = $70 or 14 cents a gram
1000g – 120$ or 12 cents a gram

Bumblebee Botanicals Kratom Pricing:

1 gram = 75 cents a gram

75 grams = 65 cents a gram

150 grams = 60 cents per gram

250grams = 50 cents per gram

500 grams = 45 cents per gram

75- grams = 40 cents per gram

1000+ grams = 33 cents per gram

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