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We are Kreed Botanicals, a local Oakland / Concord Kratom Shop & Local Delivery Service

Oakland California Kratom

We're on a mission to build the best Kratom Shop in the Bay Area

If you're looking for an Oakland shop that sells high quality kratom in generous portions at a fair price, then Kreed Botanicals Kratom is what you'll want. We're a local shop that provides the highest quality, most affordable Kratom in the Bay area.   We are Kreed Botanicals, and we started our business after realizing how difficult and expensive it was becoming to get high quality Kratom from any local stores.

4 Ways to Buy Kratom from Kreed Botanicals:

  • Come into our Kratom shop in Concord
  • Get it shipped to your house
  • Get local, same-day delivery
  • Order and pickup curbside
If you're looking for Kratom for sale in Oakland California, you'll see some really overpriced, lower quality product in the local dispensaries, but we're on a totally different mission with our Kratom products.

Helping Oakland Benefit at an Excellent Value

Let's be clear, most businesses in Oakland selling Kratom are buying mid level product, and then selling it at the highest margins possible to make up for the extra taxes that Oakland dispensaries end up paying on their cannabis.  We know that dispensaries are struggling to stay afloat, and the result is that most Oakland stores selling Kratom are forced to make up their margins in their Kratom capsules, powder and extracts.

Kratom Changed Our Life, So We keep It Affordable

Generosity with our clients leads to loyalty

We believed that if we were generous with our pricing and bulk ordering, that customers would decide we're the best Kratom company in the Bay Area.  Once we established that we could supply San Francisco & the East Bay with really high quality product and keep up with more generous pricing, we decided to build it from the ground up. Unlike most of the Kratom shops in Oakland, East Bay, Concord, and Berkley, we've built up a group of clientele that now get the best pricing on Kratom powder, extract and other products possible. If you live in Oakland California and you're looking for a place to get high-quality, good value Kratom or other botanical products, check out cream botanicals here in Concord.  Where can you buy high quality Kratom in Oakland California?  Well, we've been in business since 2019, and since then we've built up a fantastic base of clients out of the East Bay area.

3 Ways to Buy from Kreed Botanicals

When you shop with us, we have 3 different ways to get your product. 

Ship Anywhere in the US or Canada

Yes, we’ll ship your product wherever you need it!

Curbside Pickup

Convenient pickup at our Concord and Berkeley location

Same Day Delivery

Get it delivered to you.

The Best Prices on Kratom in Oakland California

We are a small botanical shop that believes in really helping people which has driven our resolve to make sure that we deliver the highest quality, most generous value in Kratom powder and extracts in the Oakland California and East Bay area. We are a local shop that allows you to purchase Kratom that's genuinely of higher grade and a better price and just about anywhere else you'll find online. As you read about local Kratom shops in Oakland California, Kratom shops in Berkeley California, or any other Kratom shops in the San Francisco Bay area, you're going to come across a lot of articles like this, this, this and this, that are co-opted by one large corporation that exists online and is completely disconnected from our local communities.   Here at Kreed Botanicals Kratom shop and Kratom delivery, we are able to provide same-day delivery for Kratom powder and extract, and we can get that to you locally within the same day or you can even pick it up through our curbside Kratom shopping experience. We truly have found a way to set ourselves apart while selling better quality product than just about any other online Kratom store or Kratom distribution shop in California  

Our Products are now available in two storefront locations in Oakland

Two locations have our products on the shelf in limited quantities. Visit Mambo Smoke on 3224 Grand Ave, or New City Plus on Telegraph Ave. Text us at 925-954-4992 & show proof of purchase of our products from these locations, and you will get 25% off your next Kreed Botanicals storefront order or online at kreedbotanicals.com